Risk Reduction Program

Miguel Martinez, MPH, MSW
Manager, Risk Reduction Program


In response to the growing concern about HIV infection among adolescents and young adults, the Division developed the Risk Reduction Program (RRP) in 1988. The RRP provides comprehensive services for youth living with HIV, targeted prevention services for youth at risk for HIV, clinical research, and capacity-building assistance for providers.

HIV Care Services

The RRP provides comprehensive outpatient medical services, psychosocial case management, nutritional counseling, outpatient psychiatric services, and individual and group mental health services to youth ages 12 through 24 years of age who are living with HIV. With support from a combination of grant funds and governmental programs, uninsured young people and their families are able to utilize the confidential services of the Risk Reduction Clinic free of charge. Youth receiving services have access to transportation assistance, emergency food vouchers, and receive services within a youth-friendly environment that supports a reduction in barriers to care.

Julie McAvoy-Banerjea, MPH

Risk Reduction Program Clinical Research Manager
HIV Prevention Services

The RRP uses increasingly specialized interventions through models of prevention and intervention established in partnership with the community. The RRP offers targeted HIV prevention services for transgender youth including comprehensive risk counseling services, health education groups, mental health counseling, and hormone replacement services. We also offer specialized HIV prevention service for young gay and bisexual men including comprehensive risk counseling services, as well as both primary and secondary prevention interventions. In addition to specialized services, the RRP provides rapid counseling and testing services on-site and at two community-based organizations serving at-risk youth.

Clinical Research

Marvin Belzer, MD, FACP, FSAM

Director, Division of Adolescent Medicine
The RRP participates in local and national research designed to increase the knowledge and understanding of HIV and young people. The RRP is the Los Angeles site for the Adolescent HIV/AIDS Trials Network (a national research effort focused on developing effective behavioral and treatment interventions for HIV positive youth as well as community protocols focused on addressing the spread of HIV among youth) and the International Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trials (IMPAACT) Group.

Capacity Building Assistance Services
Housed within the Risk Reduction Program, the Center for Strengthening Youth Prevention Paradigms (the SYPP Center) provides Capacity building assistance services to help mobilize communities in responding to HIV among young gay and transgender youth, as well as technical assistance and skills building trainings to meet the structural needs of each coalition or agency.