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Project NATEEN

Project NATEEN

Carla Hill, MPA
Manager, Project NATEEN

Adolescent Family Life Program
Project NATEEN began in 1985 as an Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP) to provide culturally sensitive and comprehensive case management services to pregnant and parenting teens.  AFLP is based on the beliefs that giving the adolescent a firm foundation through appropriate guidance and support will assure positive outcomes and that pregnancy and parenting need not impair the capacity of adolescents to be contributing, fully-realized individuals.
Eligibility criteria:
• Teens must be 18 years of age or below to enter
• Must be a teen mother or father, or be pregnant
• Teens are eligible to stay in the program until their child is 18 months old
• Must live within NATEEN catchment area
• Must be the baby’s custodial parent

Cal-LEARN Program
In 1995 NATEEN dramatically expanded with the addition of Cal-Learn, a mandatory program for teenagers under 19 who are pregnant or parenting and receiving welfare and do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent.  The Cal-Learn program provides case management with financial incentives for good grades or graduation, and penalties for low grades or failure to submit report cards.  Cal-Learn also pays for childcare, transportation, books, GED testing fees, etc.
Eligibility criteria:
• Mandatory for teen mothers receiving CalWORKS and are under 19 years old who do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent
• 19 year olds already in Cal-LEARN may volunteer to remain in the program until they graduate or turn 20
• Must live within NATEEN catchment area

Other Services
NATEEN develops relationships, educates and works in partnership with community resources to provide coordinated services.  The Project convenes a quarterly community network meeting of local service providers for sharing resources and for updates on public policy issues affecting pregnant and parenting teens.  NATEEN case managers facilitate support groups at Hollywood and Fairfax High Schools, as well as on-site groups such as MOMs (Moms On a Mission) and a breastfeeding support group.  NATEEN offers comprehensive case management for eligible clients, is connected with many community organizations, schools, health and child care resources, and has limited emergency food, diapers and clothing for NATEEN clients.