Fundraising Gala – May 10, 2014

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Our mission is to help the most vulnerable youth achieve stability in their physical and mental health by supporting the innovative programs and services of the Division of Adolescent Medicine, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

THANK YOU for a tremendous 2013!



Teaching Confidence… and Financial Literacy

Through our direct medical services, mental health support and wrap-around care, we help kids out of crisis and teach them how to take charge of their lives.  We meet them on the street through our outreach with the Hollywood Homeless Youth Partnership, in the clinic and in group support settings.  Our commitment is to treat them with respect and to build their confidence in us and in themselves.  In turn, they begin to make healthy choices as they enter adulthood

U.S. Bank leads the way in building financial literacy and job readiness

Many people think of stethoscopes and lab coats when they think of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  But what about calculators and ATM cards?

Through years of treating the medical and mental health needs of young people, we have developed targeted programs to raise the outcomes for the most vulnerable.  Homelessness, gang violence, early pregnancy and drug addiction can forever alter the path of a young person, so we meet them with an array of programs that offer a comprehensive approach to wellness, before these negative influences affect their health.

Through the Division of Adolescent Medicine, we offer financial literacy and job interview training to a wide cross-section of the youth who are served though our Gang Reduction Youth Development program, Center for Young Women’s Leadership Institute, NATEEN (pregnant and parenting youth) and Substance Abuse Prevention programs.

For years, U.S. Bank has taken the lead in supporting these programs at CHLA.  Support from its Economic Opportunity grant funds support our working with the most at-risk young people to develop a monthly budget, to learn how to open a bank account and to practice good job interview skills.

Our partnership with U.S. Bank is a perfect example of how a corporation can get creative… and bring its own strengths to enhance the community’s safety net.  We measure our success one young person at a time and this grant makes a tangible difference in the lives of hundreds of families in our community each year.

Get on This Grass from Children’s Hospital LA Substance Abuse


Los Angeles Times profiles patient of the CHLA Transgender Youth Clinic

Amber receives services through CHLA’s Transgender Youth Clinic.

The media is often an intrusion for gender non-conforming youth, but the Friday, June 15, 2012 Los Angeles Times article and accompanying video, “Living with a Secret,” does a nice job of conveying the journey of twelve-year old Amber.

Dr. Johanna Olson, CHAMPION Fund Board member and Medical Director of CHLA’s Transgender Youth Clinic, sums up the challenge for these youth,  ”Puberty in the right body is hard enough. Puberty in the wrong body is really hard.”

Read more and watch the 4 minute video here:  https://framework.latimes.com/2012/06/14/transgender-kids/

Youth volunteers flank TCF Executive Director John Ireland at the TACH Bash.

TACH Youth Raise Funds and Awareness

The CHAMPION Fund announces another successful “TACH Bash,” held in La Cañada on Saturday, June 2.  Teens for the Advancement of Children’s Hospital (TACH) was founded in November, 2001 by a group of teens under the direction of the Flintridge Guild of Children’s Hospital in La Cañada.  Their mission is to support the programs of CHLA’s Division of Adolescent Medicine.  Over the years, they have raised tens of thousands of dollars.

The teens have collected baby supplies for the Division’s NATEEN program, school supplies for our Gang Reduction Youth Development (GRYD) program, and blankets, clothing and hygiene kits for our homeless teen outreach.

This year’s TACH Bash raised over $7,500 and on Wednesday, June 6, the group presented Dr. Belzer with a check for $12,000… the result of their efforts over the school year.   We send our heartfelt thanks for their partnership to support the programs at the Division of Adolescent Medicine.

Read more about Saturday’s event in the La Cañada Valley Sun.

CHLA honors DAM with its Humanism Award

The Division of Adolescent Medicine (DAM) is the recipient of the 2012 Morris and Mary Press CHLA Humanism Award.

Rich Cordova, President & CEO of CHLA, presents the award to Dr. Marvin Belzer, Head of the Division of Adolescent Medicine

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) places a high priority on reaching out to the community and meeting clients where they are by providing off-site clinics and programs in partnership with community organizations. The DAM has been doing just that for many years.

From the ceremony:

The Division of Adolescent Medicine has a keen understanding that the teens they serve may never enter the doors of our main campus due to the circumstances in their lives. They know that in order to provide medical care to these under-served adolescents, they need to come to them, and they do. Through the medical care offered in the homeless drop-in shelters, in the schools, in free clinics and in their mobile care team, they are the arms and legs of the hospital out in the community.

The award was presented to Dr. Marvin Belzer, Head of the Division (and Chair of The CHAMPION Fund) by Rich Cordova, President & CEO of CHLA.  We salute the work of the DAM and commit to fulfill our mission of supporting its innovative programs.

Our partnership with The sCare Foundation

We are proud to announce our partnership with The sCare Foundation, a non-profit organization made up of suspense and horror genre luminaries working toward alleviating the hardships of poverty and homelessness facing today’s youth throughout North America. Its name is an acronym from “Suspense Community Allocating Relief & Empowerment.”

It has chosen the Hollywood Homeless Youth Partnership (HHYP) as a beneficiary. On Sunday, October 30, 2011, they presented The CHAMPION Fundwith a check for $10,000 at their first gala event, held at The Conga Room at L.A. Live.

The CHAMPION Fund helped to establish HHYP in 1982, as a partnership of youth-serving agencies that prevent and reduce homelessness among youth and young adults through direct service, research, policy development and training & capacity building.

HHYP’s member organizations are Angel’s Flight, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Covenant House, Hollywood Arts, the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, the Los Angeles Youth Network, My Friend’s Place, The Saban Free Clinic, and The Way In/Salvation Army. Learn more at www.HHYP.org

Angels of Change celebrates transgender youth

Our Angels of Change event celebrates the journeys of our transgender youth who are transitioning into adulthood with confidence and pride.

On November 2, 2013, we hosted our Angels of Change fundraiser. The event launched the 2013 Angels of Change calendar, which features twelve of the young people in our Transgender Youth Program.

The Division of Adolescent Medicine has provided healthcare and supportive services specifically designed for transgender youth since 1996. Specialized services consists of a team of physicians, psychologists, social workers, nurses, case managers and health educators who provide a complete range of series for young people struggling with gender non-conformity. Traditionally, we served youth ages 12-24, but in 2010 the clinic was expanded to provide services for gender-variant children, as well.

Since 2008, we have produced this calendar and a launch event with the goals engaging transgender youth as role models and creating positive community visibility of transgender-identified youth. Learn more and purchase the calendar at www.AngelsOfChange.net

Celebrating one of our first Champions… Gary Yates

On May 21, 2001, we held reception & dinner to celebrate the career of Gary Yates, who served for a decade as Associate Director of The Division of Adolescent Medicine at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles before going to The California Wellness Fund (TCWF) in 1992. He planted many of the seeds which have grown to fruition over the past twenty years, including our NATEEN program for pregnant and parenting teens and prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS in the adolescent population.

On the occasion of Gary retiring as CEO & President of TCWF, we convened over two hundred of his colleagues from across the state, Executive Directors and Board members of the many organizations he has guided along their paths to success over the years. We presented Gary with a book made up of tributes from these leaders of non-profit organizations serving the health needs of young people and their communities across California.

We raised over $40,000 through this event to support the programs at the Division of Adolescent Medicine that Gary has worked to hard to safeguard. You can learn more about the event HERE and read the TABLE OF CONTENTS of the Yates Tribute Book.


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